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Going south from Trøndelag along the coastline you will find Halsa, as the Norwegian fjords open up in front of you when driving the E39. Open Fjord is all about opening up for exciting sightseeing, leisure activities and bold adventures.

Go for a hike, paddle a kayak in our fjords, race a gocart between mountains, dine in the old vintage docks, and wake up next morning in high standard boathouses to the sound of gentle waves from the nearby shore. 

Be sure to visit Halsa and Valsøyfjord on your journey along the coastline!

Adress: 6687 Valsøyfjord

Email: post@apenfjord.no

Phone: 98674123

Cellphone: 98674123

Adresse 6687 Valsøyfjord | E-post post@apenfjord.no | Telefon 98674123

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